Buy Fresh Bread Online and Ship Throughout Canada and the United States

Among the traditional and delicious Iranian different kinds of bread, some of them are so favourite. Each of these pieces of bread is prepared with different types of flours and has a different flavor. Of course, what is essential is that they are cooked in perfect health and do not have any unhealthy additives. You will see bread such as Barbary bread, Taftoon bread, Sangak bread and Lavash bread in all of the small and big cities in Iran prepared in different shapes. With the possibility of buying fresh bread online, it can be easily accessed anywhere in the world. Parsian has prepared a unique opportunity for people who live in the USA and Canada to buy these kinds of fresh bread online.

Buy a Variety of Bread Online

Barbary Bread
Barbari bread is one of the most popular kinds of bread among Iranians people, mainly prepared for breakfast and eaten with other natural products such as Tabrizi cheese. It is possible to buy Barbary bread online in good quality and freshness in different geographical locations. So if you have a craving for Barbari bread, you can go through Parsianfoods.ca and buy your bread online.

Sangak Bread

Meanwhile, Sangak bread is also one of the most favorable bread among Iranians and other nationalities who have tested it once. This bread is mainly prepared with a thickness of 9 mm, and the type of baking is almost the same in different cities. The delicious taste and pleasant aroma of this bread have always been a part of the Iranian table. On Parsian online shop, you can easily purchase bread online anywhere in the USA and Canada and enjoy Sangak bread taste.

Taftoon Bread

Another bread that you can prepare among the traditional and tasty Iranian bread is Taftoon bread, which is 5 mm thick and is made by oven and machine methods and is baked in different cities with different shapes. If you are in the USA or Canada, Parsian has prepared a good opportunity for you to buy fresh Taftoon bread online.

Lavash Bread

In some cities, this type of bread is prepared with much less thickness, known as lavash bread and is whiter than other bread. This bread has a low weight and a very high shelf life. It is possible to purchase bread in suitable packages when you buy bread online from Parsian.

What other types of Bread is available in Parsian?

Buying Baguettes and Shirmal bread are in Iranian families’ food baskets and are baked in different forms. This type of bread is also eaten with other dairy or protein ingredients. Some types of bread are cooked using eggs, oil or milk, which will create new and delicious flavors. Besides, it is possible to buy Diet Bread, Pita pieces of bread and Barley bread from Parsian online.